Jun 21 2020 06, 2020

The Looming Budget Crisis Covid-19 is Creating in California

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While just about everyone is familiar with the economic depression we are heading for on account of the Covid-19 pandemic, the looming budget crisis created by this situation could prove to be an even bigger hurdle for government officials here in California. In addition to the same depression issues that the rest of the world [...]

May 18 2020 05, 2020

10 Things You Buy Every Month That You Can’t Really Afford

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Whether you are trying to improve your credit score, pay down some outstanding debts, or save money for the future, just about every personal finance expert will tell you that there are plenty of monthly expenses built into your budget that aren’t really all that necessary. In fact, many of those same experts would argue [...]

May 10 2020 05, 2020

How to Make Sure Your Business Survives a Financial Crisis

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Planning for a financial crisis isn’t one of the first things that come to mind when someone starts their own business, but at various times over the past few years, it has been something that millions of business owners wish they had spent more time thinking about. Most people who struggle through a financial crisis [...]

Apr 24 2020 04, 2020

How to Get Debtors on the Phone Without Breaking the Law

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There is nothing easy when it comes to debt collection, but one of the most difficult things for any collector to do is get debtors on the phone, especially if those collectors are following all of the rules and regulations that apply to collection calls. However, some of the best debt collectors in the country [...]

Apr 20 2020 04, 2020

Snowball Your Way Out of Debt: 6 Tips for Getting Started Today

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Are you tired of feeling like you are constantly drowning in debt? Fed up with robbing from Peter to pay Paul while avoiding collection calls from all of those other creditors? Struggling with debt is a massive problem that consumers are dealing with across the country, but you don’t have to live like that anymore. [...]

Mar 27 2020 03, 2020

New Debt Bill Could Impact Collection in California

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Earlier this year, California State Senator Bob Wieckowski introduced a bill that would require all California debt collectors to obtain a license from the state’s Department of Business Oversight. Understandably, this news sent shock waves through the debt collection community, and it was met with a very strong positive reaction from Senator Wieckowski’s constituents. Because [...]

Mar 22 2020 03, 2020

Six Benefits of Teaching Personal Finance in High School

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The concept of teaching personal finance in high school classes has picked up steam over the past few years, but it is still a long way from being a requirement across the country. Many states are open to the possibility, but personal finance classes are only required in 21 states today, and five states (including [...]

Mar 16 2020 03, 2020

Mythbuster: Is No Credit Really Worse Than Bad Credit

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Bad credit is one of the biggest issues plaguing consumers across the country today, but one issue that can be even worse is the struggle of having no credit at all. Created from the fear of bad credit that is rampant among consumers today, this situation can be just as damaging for today’s consumers, if [...]

Mar 7 2020 03, 2020

Six Side Hustle Ideas to Help You Get Out of Debt

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The pressure of significant debt can often feel overwhelming, but when you take the time to break down any personal financial situation there are only ever going to be two solutions: make more money or spend less money. Since no one ever really wants to commit to spending less money, the best path towards a [...]

Feb 15 2020 02, 2020

Taking Ownership: What Could You Have Done to Prevent Your Delinquent Accounts

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You’re in a tough spot. Delinquent accounts are pulling down your credit score. Constant calls from debt collectors are ruining your day. You feel like the situation is getting worse faster than it is getting better, and every move you make seems to come up just short of actually helping. Once you find yourself in [...]