Mar 14 2018 03, 2018

How Bitcoin Can Impact Your Collection Efforts

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Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the past six months, you have probably heard a number of people talking about Bitcoin, as well as the thousands of other cryptocurrencies popping up around the world. Many savvy investors will be quick to tell you that all of the rage surrounding these cryptocurrencies is [...]

Feb 15 2018 02, 2018

How to Handle Bankruptcy Issues with Your Clients

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Last November, ACA International published an article stating that bankruptcy rates were on the rise in the month of October after seeing a slight decline in the previous month. Any business that extends credit to its clients should take this rise very seriously and be prepared to deal with the first-hand consequences of those increased [...]

Feb 6 2018 02, 2018

Everything You NEED to Know About the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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Have you ever wondered exactly where the line between legal and illegal is drawn in terms of debt collection? Perhaps you felt that a collector overstepped in contacting you at work. Or maybe you are attempting to collect on your own behalf and aren't exactly sure what the rules are. No matter what side of [...]

Jan 25 2018 01, 2018

How the Fires in Southern California Impact Debt Collection

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The new year has not been kind to the people of southern California. As many across the globe were celebrating the start of 2018, multiple wildfires were raging across the Golden State. And as if those fires weren't enough, the damage they left behind has created a derivative problem with massive mudslides taking out houses, [...]

Jan 16 2018 01, 2018

Understanding How Different Consumers Prefer to be Contacted

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In today's digital world, the method used to communicate with consumers can be just as important as the actual message you are attempting to deliver. And the type of communication that works best can vary dramatically depending on where those consumers are located. In order to make sure that you are optimizing all of your [...]

Jan 4 2018 01, 2018

The Powerful Leverage of Credit Reporting

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One of the most powerful tools in the pocket of anyone attempting to collect an outstanding debt is the ability to report that debt to the major credit rating agencies. These agencies have become a go-to source for all kinds of businesses that lend money to their clients, and they are just as important for [...]

Dec 30 2017 12, 2017

Five Reasons to Make Debt Collection a Bigger Priority in Your Business

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Most small business owners understand the importance of prioritizing their debt collection practices, but those practices also tend to fall into the "important, but not urgent" category. And those tasks often get overlooked in favor of the more pressing demands of tasks in the "urgent, but not important" categories. Business owners are constantly forced to [...]

Dec 5 2017 12, 2017

Different Types of Debt Collection Agencies

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Making the decision to work with a commercial debt collection agency is a big step for most small business owners. But that decision is relatively small compared to the task of deciding exactly which agency makes the most sense for your business. Debt collection agencies come in all shapes and sizes, and partnering with one [...]

Nov 27 2017 11, 2017

How to Respond to Threats From Debtors

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Commercial debt collection is typically a pretty boring operation. Between all of the documentation and paper pushing, there is actually not much of anything about the process that is worth getting excited about. But every once in a while a creditor will come across a situation where a debtor becomes hostile. When you find yourself [...]

Nov 9 2017 11, 2017

What Documentation is Necessary to Recover Debt?

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Whether you are working with a commercial debt collection agency or attempting to collect delinquent accounts on your own, collections can be a very difficult process. One of the best ways to improve your ability to collect on those outstanding debts is to improve your documentation process. It should start from the very minute that [...]