Taking Ownership: What Could You Have Done to Prevent Your Delinquent Accounts

You’re in a tough spot. Delinquent accounts are pulling down your credit score. Constant calls from debt collectors are ruining your day. You feel like the situation is getting worse faster than it is getting better, and every move you make seems to come up just short of actually helping. Once you find yourself in [...]

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Deep Dive: Understanding How Credit Cards Impact Your Credit Score

It’s no secret that credit cards can have a serious negative impact on your personal credit score, but understanding exactly how that whole process works is something that most people don’t ever bother to consider...until it’s too late. Whether you are trying to qualify for a new home mortgage, buying a new vehicle, or just [...]

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Five Creative Ways to Keep Your Best Clients Close

There is nothing quite like working with a quality client. No matter what type of business you are talking about, having clients that make life easy is the difference between loving what you do and dreading that alarm clock every morning. But just as you are constantly looking to bring new and better clients into [...]

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Are You a California Resident for Tax Purposes?

Where you live might sound like a simple question. Some would say that the answer is obvious, but things get a little trickier when the incredibly high tax rates out here in California are brought into consideration. For years now, people have been fleeing California to avoid having to pay the state’s ridiculously high income [...]

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Debt by the Numbers: Maxed Out Cards North and South

Millions of Americans are struggling with massive amounts of debt all over the country these days, and diving deeper into the numbers shows that some areas are actually suffering more than others. Depending on the parameters you are using to define debt issues, you might find that things are worse in different parts of the [...]

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Four Reasons Millennials Are Stressing About Debt

While millions of Americans have been struggling with debt for multiple generations now, the current batch of millennials might be fighting the most difficult battle to date. After piling up school loans and credit card debt, some of today’s brightest young minds aren’t even able to qualify to worry about auto loans or home mortgages. [...]

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Five Tips for Enjoying the Holidays Without Racking Up Credit Card Debt

The 2019 holiday season has officially arrived, and that means that just about everyone you know is going to be over-extending themselves to keep up with the heavy demands on their budgets that tend to come this time of year. Those extra expenses like buying gifts and filling up the refrigerator with food and drinks [...]

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Problems vs. Opportunity: What is the Reason Behind Your Business Debt?

Business debt is a complicated topic that requires many different layers of analysis, and getting rid of it is often much more complicated than bringing in more money than you are currently spending. One of the primary reasons that business debt is often more complicated than personal debt is that there are plenty of good [...]

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How California is Protecting Consumers From Debt Collectors

As one of the most consumer-focused states in the country, California has a long-standing reputation for going out of its way to protect its residents from a wide range of predatory practices from dozens of different industries. One of the most recent additions to that history is a new law that was established to limit [...]

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Debt Collection in Singapore

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a reputation as one of the most popular destinations for Americans looking to get out of the country and move to a tropical location where they can really make their dollars stretch. It is also a popular destination for people who are looking to avoid paying back debts that [...]

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