Dec 1 2014 12, 2014

Will Student Loan Debt Prevent You From Buying a House?

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  Home ownership has always been one of the fundamental aspects of the American dream. According to a NeighborWorks Survey quoted in a recent ACA International Article, 60% of Americans still believe that owning a home is extremely important. However, 49% of those who are burdened with student loan debt said that it was a [...]

Nov 18 2014 11, 2014

Medical Debt Collection: The Leading Cause of Personal Bankruptcy

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A recent study published by NerdWallet found that one out of every five Americans will be contacted by a collection agency this year regarding their medical debt. That makes medical debt the largest type of personal debt that Americans are struggling with by a landslide, even dwarfing student loan debt. Unpaid medical bills that result [...]

Oct 27 2014 10, 2014

What to Look for in a Collection Agency

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  Choosing the commercial debt collection agency that is the best fit for you and your business can be an overwhelming task. Most people don’t have very much experience dealing with collection agencies, which leaves them somewhat confused when trying to determine which agency would be best suited to handle their needs. Another problem that [...]

Oct 21 2014 10, 2014

13 Quick Tips to Keep Your Accounts Receivable Flowing

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  Unless you are actually in the collection business, there is a good chance that you have quite a few higher priorities than managing your company’s accounts receivable. You might even delegate that task out to an assistant or employee without much thought. However, when those receivables stop flowing into your bank account, all of [...]

Oct 6 2014 10, 2014

International Debt Collection in South Korea

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While domestic debt collection can sometimes be overwhelming for small businesses, attempting to handle international collections is exponentially more difficult. When you introduce different cultures, languages, governments, and regulations, it can be difficult to understand exactly what the rules are, much less follow them in trying to collect an amount that is owed to you [...]

Sep 29 2014 09, 2014

9 Ways to Improve Your Collection Call Script

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Having a script for your collection calls is one of the best ways to improve your odds of success. Once you have a script in place, the next step is to work on tweaking it in order to improve your results even more. Using your existing script, you will be able to see which parts [...]

Sep 22 2014 09, 2014

Problems with Today’s Modern Collection Environment

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Whether you are a small business that extends credit to its customers or a commercial debt collection agency, being in the business of attempting to extract payments from delinquent customers is more difficult today than it has ever been. There is a seemingly endless amount of legislation protecting the rights of debtors and an equally [...]

Sep 18 2014 09, 2014

The Dangerous State of Delinquent Debt in America

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As questions about the strength of the United States economy continue, there is no question that the amount of debt carried by its citizens is a ticking time bomb that is just waiting to explode. As a result of the Great Recession, many Americans were forced to take on more debt and have since fallen [...]

Sep 8 2014 09, 2014

Should You Be Recording Collection Calls?

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Recording collection calls is a common practice for many large collection agencies. Having an audio recording of every call placed to a debtor is a great way to prove that there were no compliance violations during the collection process. However, recording collection calls can also come back to haunt even collection agencies with the best [...]