Jun 15 2016 06, 2016

How to Collect on an Outstanding Promissory Note

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Everything started out so well. You had a friend, relative, or client that seemed to be on the up-and-up, but cash was tight and they needed a little help. You had a little extra and saw an opportunity to make a bit more interest than the banks were offering. Then things took a turn for [...]

Jun 7 2016 06, 2016

Debt Collection in South Africa

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As if debt collection wasn’t already hard enough, it gets even more difficult when you attempt to collect from customers internationally. In these situations, you have to respect the collection laws of the country you are attempting to collect in. Many times, that means that you have to first educate yourself about what those laws [...]

May 30 2016 05, 2016

Are Women More Vulnerable to Debt and Collection Issues?

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For many of us living in 2016, we would like to think that the days of discrimination based on gender are way behind us. Unfortunately, the world is not quite the ideal place to live that we would like it to be. In the world of credit scores and debt collection, many women still have [...]

May 21 2016 05, 2016

Customizing Your Collection Approach to the Consumer

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The debt collection industry can no longer treat consumers with the one-size-fits-all approach that it has utilized in the past. Between regulations like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the evolution of the consumer and their ability to utilize technology, the industry has evolved and now requires a somewhat customized approach to each and [...]

May 12 2016 05, 2016

Debt Collection in Australia

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There are very few things in the debt collection industry that are more complicated and confusing than international debt collection. As if dealing with all of the rules and regulations here in the United States isn’t enough, when you introduce another county into the mix, you also bring along their set of rules and regulations [...]

May 3 2016 05, 2016

Five Simple Tips for Dealing with Debt Collection from Seasonal Businesses

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Seasonal businesses like construction and landscaping can offer up one of the most tricky types of debt collection issues. No matter how much credit you have extended to a particular seasonal business, it can be awfully hard to collect any portion of that debt during their slow season. But their financial calendar also doesn’t have [...]

Apr 29 2016 04, 2016

Why Medical Debt is On the Rise and How to Get Paid Faster

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A recent article from Forbes Magazine pointed out that Community Health Systems, one of the largest hospital chains in the country, had surprised investors by deciding to write off $169 million in bad debt. This is one of the most recent examples of a growing problem that is leaving many medical companies wondering how they [...]

Apr 11 2016 04, 2016

Consumer Information Is Key for Debt Collection

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A wealth of demographic and behavioral data is available to companies that sell and collect consumer debt. The data helps identify characteristics, preferences and goals of consumers who use credit. This information is critical because it helps control the supply and demand for the sale of consumer debt to collection agencies. The value of the [...]

Mar 30 2016 03, 2016

Don’t Sit Still for Bad Debt!

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No matter how well you run your business, inevitably you’ll encounter some deadbeat customers who don’t pay their bills. This is most likely to occur when your business sells its products or services to customers on account, as opposed to cash or credit card transactions. Typically, an accounts receivable (A/R) entry that is delinquent for [...]

Mar 21 2016 03, 2016

6 Warning Signs that a Client Is Becoming a Potential Credit Risk

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Commercial credit risk is a fact of life for small businesses, who must contend with sudden changes in a customer’s ability to pay its debts. Initial and follow-up credit screening is the most effective way to reduce the risk of delinquent accounts, but it’s impossible to avoid all such risk. Tune in to Customer Behavior [...]