As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on businesses around the globe, it is only a matter of time before government stimulus money runs out and the pain felt by those businesses trickles down to individual people across just about every tax bracket.

Regardless of where you might fall on the income spectrum, there is a good chance that the pandemic is going to impact your finances in one way or another, and how you respond to that impact could determine where you sit financially for decades to come.

Eventually, the country will work its way into some sort of economic recovery, and the goal of every individual should be to find themselves on the right side of that recovery when it happens.

To help make sure that you are putting the odds in your favor, here are six things that you can be doing to improve your post-covid finances.

Rebuild That Rainy Day Fund

The first step in just about any personal finance strategy is to make sure that you have a rainy day fund established to handle the small emergencies that life is going to throw at you.

Those emergencies aren’t going to take a sabbatical on account of the pandemic or the post-pandemic economy, so it is critical to your personal finances that you rebuild your rainy day fund as quickly as possible once we move into some type of recovery.

Focus on What’s Really Important

One of the easiest ways to find money for rebuilding your rainy day fund is to ruthlessly cut back on unnecessary expenses.

You don’t want to hear this, but eliminating big chunks of your entertainment and clothing budgets can save you a big pile of cash in a hurry. These are serious times, so you need to get extremely focused on what is most important in your life.

Pick Up a Side Hustle

Cutting back your unnecessary expenses is always the first side of the personal finance equation, but don’t forget about the other side of that coin, which is increasing your income.

There is a good chance that the pandemic has created some uncertainty with your primary source of income, and that makes this the perfect time to start bringing in some extra money with a side hustle.

Your side hustle could be anything from a second job to selling your old stuff on eBay. The choice is yours, but the results are all the same. It helps.

Take Advantage of Government Assistance

The United States government has already implemented a wide range of policies and programs designed to help both businesses and individuals get through the pandemic and the expected economic collapse to follow. Learn about these programs and use them to your advantage.

Some people will feel that there is a stigma associated with accepting government assistance of any kind, but these programs are out there, and they were designed to help you get through this difficult time.

Get Creative in Every Aspect of Life

Whether you are talking about your expenses, your primary source of employment, your side hustle, or your approach to government assistance, the Covid-19 pandemic has flipped the entire world upside down and created unlimited opportunities for people who are able to think differently.

Look at every aspect of your life with a creative lens and you will be surprised how many opportunities to increase your wealth are sitting within your reach.

Double Down on Your Retirement Strategy

Once you have the first five of these strategies working for you, the last step in improving your post-Covid finances is to find a way to double down on the retirement strategy you had in place before this mess started.

No matter what your plans were for retirement, kick up the heat on those plans and start stashing away more cash than you ever have before. You won’t ever regret having a bigger nest egg the next time the whole world falls apart right in front of your face.

Covid-19 has been a shock to businesses and consumers across the world, but the end result of this pandemic doesn’t have to be a sob story. There are a number of people who are going to come out of the economic recovery stronger than ever before. These six steps will make sure that you are one of them.