How Millennials in California are Dealing with Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is one of the most significant issues that millennials are struggling with today, and while the problem isn't quite as severe here in California, it is still something that we all need to understand so that we can be sure to take steps to move in positive direction. Struggling With Student Loan [...]

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California Bans Collection of Time-Barred Debt

It is widely known that California is one of the most proactive states in the country when it comes to protecting consumers against predatory debt collection tactics. And in August of 2018, they took another step in that direction by completely restructuring their approach to time-barred debt collection. What is a Time-Barred Debt? Before diving [...]

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Collection & Attorney Fees in Commercial Debt Collections

Commercial debt collection is a frustrating business no matter how you approach it, and it can also be a fairly expensive undertaking when you account for collection costs, attorney fees, court costs, lost interest, and various other expenses. One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of debt collection deals with which types of expenses can [...]

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Five Reasons Professionals Should Partner with a Debt Collection Agency

Commercial debt collection spans just about every imaginable type of business, and that definitely does not exclude professionals like architects, accountants, and consultants. These types of professionals often bill their clients by the hour, and that can create endless opportunities for them to get stuck for some pretty large debts no matter how careful they [...]

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Debt Collection for Legal Professionals

No matter how you phrase it, searching the internet for information on debt collection on behalf of legal professionals doesn't return much. Just about everything that pops up will be from legal professionals offering their help to consumers. So if a successful lawyer starts to notice their receivables falling behind, where are they supposed to [...]

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5 Steps for Collecting Plastic Surgery Medical Bills

It is no secret that outstanding medical bills make up a large portion of the debt that many people across the country are struggling with. It's also no secret that plastic surgery is a very common expense out here in Southern California. One thing that isn't quite so commonly known is that people who are [...]

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Is Vacation Delaying Payments?

With more travel websites, resorts, and airlines than you could possibly keep track of running tempting advertising on the radio, tv, and internet, just about everyone spends at least a few minutes each week thinking about their next vacation…including the people who owe you money. Here in the United States, taking a summer vacation is [...]

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Four Ways Corporate Debt Could Wreck the Economy

Following the financial collapse of 2008, just about every major company across the country was on high alert in guarding against taking on any unnecessary debt just in case we were headed for a deeper recession. However, those fears have subsided over the past few years to the point where we could once again be [...]

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Debt Collection Profile By Generation

Because debt collection tends to be one part art mixed with one part science, it can really pay dividends to know and understand the people you are attempting to collect from. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to consider what generational group your client or customer falls into. It should come [...]

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Debt Collection Without SSN – A Common Misconception

One of the most common misconceptions about credit reports is that a creditor cannot report you if they do not have your social security number. Not only is this false, but it is also more likely than you think that they actually do have your social security number. To help clear the air a bit [...]

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