Collecting IT Sector Debts in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known around the world as the place that technology startups can thrive. But as you would find with any type of business startup, there are going to be hundreds and hundreds of companies that don't survive. For every smashing success like Apple or Facebook, there are more great ideas than you can [...]

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Are You Prepared for the Next Disaster to Impact Your Business?

Whether we are talking about natural disasters, politics and economics, or new technologies that render current business models obsolete, there are a nearly endless number of factors outside of our control that can wreak havoc on companies of all shapes and sizes at a moments notice. It is always going to be easier to stick [...]

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Understanding Judgments and Debt Collection

Obtaining a judgment against a debtor is the very last resort in any type of collection scenario, but there are times when going to court is the only option, and you have to be prepared for that when the time inevitably comes. If you are working with a legitimate commercial debt collection agency, you should [...]

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Debt Collection Tips for Property Managers

Managing rental properties comes with a host of potential pitfalls, and one of the toughest to avoid is the inevitable situation where a tenant falls behind on the rent and the amount owed to the landlord begins to climb. Whether we are dealing with residential or commercial real estate, situations with delinquent tenants are always [...]

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Five Ways to Avoid Acquiring Debt During the Holidays

The holiday season has officially arrived, and consumers are going to be spending an unprecedented amount of money on food, drinks, parties, and…of course…gifts this year. Unfortunately, a recent YouGov survey found that a large number of those consumers are still struggling to pay off debts that they acquired during last year's holiday season. And [...]

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Helpful Tips for Closing the Year with Successful Collections

As we wind down towards the end of the year, clearing out some of those outstanding accounts receivable is at the top of just about everyone's corporate wishlist. Combining an influx of cash with one less folder in the delinquent pile could undoubtedly make for a more enjoyable start to the New Year. If you [...]

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Six Reasons for Shipping Companies to Find a Debt Collection Partner

Any business that extends credit to its customers is always going to struggle with the ones who fall behind on their payments. But in a shipping industry business where random fluctuations in gasoline prices can mean the difference between turning a profit and packing up the office, each and every outstanding account receivable needs to [...]

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The Domino Effect of Debt Collection in Manufacturing

Large amounts of outstanding debt can have a significant impact on just about any business, but some companies are better equipped to weather the storm of a cash flow shortage than others. Unfortunately for many manufacturers, they do not find themselves operating in one of those businesses. In the manufacturing world, just about everything needs [...]

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Eight Reasons Why Delinquent Credit Card Debt is Rising in America

The fact that delinquent credit card debt is on the rise in America should not be a big surprise to anyone, but seeing that the numbers are up in the trillions has the type of impact that will make you stop in your tracks. With delinquent credit card debt floating right around all-time highs, Americans [...]

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Five Reasons for Unexpected Financial Issues

Whether we are talking about individual consumer or local businesses, everyone likes to believe that they are in complete control of their financial destiny. However, all it takes is a sudden wake-up call at the hands of the unexpected for us to realize that we actually have far less control than we thought. Over just [...]

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