Six Personal Finance Books to Change Your Life During Quarantine

Remember back in March when we all thought this pandemic thing was only going to inconvenience our lives for a few weeks? Well, that came and went. So did Tiger King, The Last Dance, and about a dozen other ways to break up the monotony of spending almost all of our waking hours at home. [...]

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Four Ways Covid-19 Has Forever Changed Our Personal Finance Budgets

The Covid-19 pandemic that started as a couple of weeks at home back in March has slowly consumed more than half of the year, and there is a very good chance that our lives have been forever changed thanks to our time spent in quarantine. No matter how much or how little your personal life [...]

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Six Things Small Businesses Can Learn from the NBA Bubble Success

With exciting games happening almost every night for multiple months now, there is absolutely no denying that the NBA bubble has been a monster success. That success was built upon fantastic production value, lots of creativity, and of course, all of the star players that were willing to leave their families behind in order to [...]

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California Lawmakers Propose New Tax That Applies to Former Residents

Just when you thought that things couldn’t possibly get any crazier, a California lawmaker proposed a new wealth tax last month that applies to residents, including those that choose to leave in search of homes with better tax situations. While the headline sounds pretty outrageous, the fact of the matter is that the state of [...]

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How to Protect Your Business from the Coming Recession

Those $1,200 stimulus checks from the federal government are long gone. Businesses that were fortunate enough to receive the PPP loans have mostly spent through those nest eggs. Anyone that has been keeping up with their bills because of the extra $600 per week the government is playing for unemployment is about to lose those [...]

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Six Ways You Can Improve Your Post-Covid Finances

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on businesses around the globe, it is only a matter of time before government stimulus money runs out and the pain felt by those businesses trickles down to individual people across just about every tax bracket. Regardless of where you might fall on the income spectrum, there [...]

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Covid-19 Lessons Learned: How to Adapt When the Unexpected Becomes Reality

In just a few short months, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the entire world, leaving many businesses struggling to keep up. But while so many companies are struggling, there are also stories of forward-thinking operations that have adapted to the changing conditions and are thriving in this difficult environment. The major difference between businesses [...]

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Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc on California Workers

Now that we are more than a few months into the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, we can already begin to see just how devastating the impact has been on our local economies. California has seen the number of residents claiming unemployment benefits rise from about 350,000 in March to a high of 4.8 million in [...]

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How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

Are you confident that you are saving enough money to retire comfortably? If you are anything like most Americans in 2020, the answer to that question probably isn’t going to make you feel very good about yourself. In fact, the majority of Americans today are significantly undercapitalized for the lifestyle they expect to live throughout [...]

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The Unemployment Challenges Created by the Covid-19 Pandemic

While you can never rely exclusively on numbers to tell the story of a situation like the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also hard to understate just how astronomical some of the unemployment numbers have been as a result of this crisis. By the Numbers A recent article published in the Los Angeles Times cited that [...]

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