With exciting games happening almost every night for multiple months now, there is absolutely no denying that the NBA bubble has been a monster success.

That success was built upon fantastic production value, lots of creativity, and of course, all of the star players that were willing to leave their families behind in order to chase basketball glory.

No matter which team is eventually crowned champion, the NBA bubble has already taught us at least six basic lessons that we can take into our own businesses right now.

Literally Anything is Possible

The first, and most obvious, thing that we have learned from the NBA bubble is that literally anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

When the idea of a basketball was first brought up, many of the people hearing about it thought it was a joke. There was seemingly no way to keep star athletes quarantined for any extended period of time.

But with an incredible amount of effort, the NBA was able to make what seemed impossible very much possible. Take this line of thinking into your own business and there is no telling where you might end up.

Attention is Everything

One of the main reasons that the NBA bubble has been so successful is that people around the country with nothing better to do are tuning in each and every night.

With pretty much everyone tired of sitting at home and bored with just about everything Netflix recommends, having some live sports on each night gives us something to spend our days getting excited to watch.

Find the attention of your target audience and see if you can’t build your business in a way that gets you on their radar a little more frequently.

Inconveniences Aren’t Deal-Breakers

During the week that the players arrived in the bubble, some of the most popular tweets were ones showing pictures of the bad meals they were provided.

Not having the gourmet food that they are used to could have been a dealbreaker for the entire bubble operation, but it wasn’t. It was just a temporary inconvenience that the NBA worked to improve over time.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you hope for in your business, but working to make them inconveniences instead of dealbreakers is always a winning plan.

No One is Above the Rules

One of the key rules of the bubble is that any player who leaves must quarantine upon reentry before they can rejoin their teams. And one of the reasons this has worked is that it is a rule that applies to absolutely everyone.

Make sure that your team understands that your rules are exactly the same way. And make sure that you are leading the following of those rules, because they apply to you as well.

Unique Details Get People Talking

Whether you’re a LeBron stand or an MJ loyalist, you have probably spent more time talking about the different “virtual fans” surrounding the court than any player over the past few months.

Just like the bubble itself, the virtual fan idea sounded silly when we first heard about it. But because of their impressive execution, the NBA has actually created something new and unique that gets people talking.

What is it about your business that people might want to talk about? Could you play that up in some way that might sound silly at first?

Not Everything Will Go According to Plan

Even the best plans are bound to have some hiccups, and the NBA bubble has been no exception. With everything from a club scandal to a team refusing to compete as a form of protest, there have been more issues in the bubble than anyone could have counted on.

Despite all of these issues, the NBA continued to push and was able to work through each of them. Things aren’t ever going to go according to plan in your business either, but you have to keep going.

No matter which team wins the title, we are all going to benefit from getting to watch the NBA accomplish what many other sports leagues failed to even attempt. And if you apply some of these lessons in your business, there is a good chance that you will find a similar level of success.