Sep 16 2016 09, 2016

The Downside of Credit and Collection Reform

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A recent Buzzfeed article reported that the federal government is considering a proposal to drastically increase the regulations on the consumer debt collection industry. These new regulations would make it exponentially more difficult for collectors to contact debtors with delinquent balances. The idea of making it harder for collectors to get ahold of consumers is [...]

Sep 5 2016 09, 2016

Debt Collection in the Philippines

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Dealing with any type of international debt collection is always going to be a tricky matter. No matter what country you are talking about, there are going to be a host of different rules and regulations that you are going to be expected to follow in order to conduct your collection in an appropriate manner. [...]

Aug 29 2016 08, 2016

Six Ways That Debtors Delay Payments…And How to Handle Them

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Dealing with delinquent debtors is becoming more and more common in today’s business environment. While none of us look forward to handling these trouble accounts, we also don’t have a choice in most instances. The whole world operates on credit, and sometimes we make mistakes and offer that credit to the wrong people. Once you [...]

Aug 22 2016 08, 2016

Geographically Speaking: Debt Collection Rates By State

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They say that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. They also say that attempting to keep up with “The Joneses” is a sure way to end up in the poor house. A recent study into debt collection by The Urban Institute has found that both of [...]

Aug 15 2016 08, 2016

Debt Collection in Virginia

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One of the things that makes the debt collection industry extremely complicated is the fact that anyone attempting to collect an outstanding debt must play by the rules of the country where the debtor resides, and here in the United States they also have to contend with each and every state’s individual laws regarding debt [...]

Aug 7 2016 08, 2016

Case Studies: How Timing Can Impact Debt Collection

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Timing is everything in the world of commercial debt collection. In just a blink of an eye, people who have been your best customers for years can go from having excellent credit to nearly bankrupt. And the only way to prevent your business from suffering the consequences is to act early, and to make sure [...]

Jul 17 2016 07, 2016

From a Collections Perspective: The Difference Between 401(k) and IRA

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In situations where collection accounts get to the point of bankruptcy, each of a debtor’s individual assets will have a unique set of rules that defines whether or not they are available to settle past debts. Whether you are on the side of the debtor or the creditor, understanding these subtle differences can give you [...]

Jul 8 2016 07, 2016

The Effects of DSO and DPO on Your Company’s Cash Flow

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  Even more than profitability, cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. Companies with strong cash flow are able to survive temporary periods of low profitability, but even the most profitable companies can’t survive when their cash flow situation turns negative. There are generally two types of cash flow problems: those caused by spending [...]

Jul 1 2016 07, 2016

Four Ways That Your Business Can Model the World’s Best AR Operations

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  Managing accounts receivable is one of the toughest aspects of business. Every business that extends credit to customers is going to run into trouble collecting from some of those customers at times. And sometimes, even businesses that don’t plan on extending credit find themselves in situations where customers end up owing them significant amounts. [...]

Jun 25 2016 06, 2016

Understanding the Differences with B2B Debt Collection

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One of the most important factors in successfully collecting any outstanding debt is understanding all of the details that are affecting the situation. The type of debt, person responsible for the debt, and even the general economic conditions can all play a major factor in whether or not you are able to get paid. When [...]