Nov 17 2016 11, 2016

Five Reasons You Should NEVER Cosign for a Loan

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If you are a person who has worked hard to improve and maintain a good credit over the course of your life, there will likely come a time when a less-industrious friend or family member will ask you to cosign for a loan that they are not qualified to receive on their own merits. Everyone [...]

Nov 12 2016 11, 2016

The Severe Impact of Debt of Small Businesses

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One of the areas where too much outstanding debt can have the most severe impact is in the world of small businesses. With many local businesses already struggling because of difficult economic times, even the slightest hiccup in their debt collection procedures can send ripple effects through your entire community. Cash flow is the life [...]

Oct 29 2016 10, 2016

How Collection Accounts Can Impact Credit Scores

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No one likes the idea of having an account go into collections. Debtors don’t want to be contacted by debt collectors, and creditors would always prefer to get paid up front by their clients. But the real impact of an account going into collections goes way beyond these mild inconveniences. No matter what type of [...]

Oct 20 2016 10, 2016

Why Refusing to Settle Often Costs Creditors More in the Long Run

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One of the biggest struggles that many creditors have when it comes to pursuing legal action against debtors is where to draw the line with respect to what they would consider a fair settlement. By the time a situation reaches the point where attorneys need to get involved, many creditors have reached the point where [...]

Oct 14 2016 10, 2016

Handling Identity Theft Issues With Debt Collections in California

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Lawmakers in the state of California recently voted unanimously to pass into law a new requirement that reduces the time frame for debt collection companies to investigate claims of identity theft. This bill, which was supported by the California Association of Collectors, is going to change the way that collection agencies operate. In order to [...]

Oct 6 2016 10, 2016

New FCC Regulations Outlaw Auto-Dialers

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In August of this year, the Federal Communications Commission released new regulations that prevent debt collection agencies from using auto-dialers in order to contact debtors who are behind on their payments. While this initially sent shockwaves through the collection community, we believe that the lasting impact will be far less than many initially feared. You [...]

Sep 28 2016 09, 2016

Debt Collection in Switzerland

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The country of Switzerland is best known around the world for being a neutral country. It has not taken a side in any foreign conflict since it became neutral in 1815, which makes it a very safe place in the eyes of both residents and investors. And that neutrality carries over into the way that [...]

Sep 22 2016 09, 2016

Common Misconceptions About the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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Over the past decade, there has been a remarkable rise in blogs and websites that focus on helping consumers get themselves out of debt, improve their credit scores, and establish a sense of financial stability in their lives. But as with any good thing on the internet, there is also a lot of misinformation being [...]

Sep 16 2016 09, 2016

The Downside of Credit and Collection Reform

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A recent Buzzfeed article reported that the federal government is considering a proposal to drastically increase the regulations on the consumer debt collection industry. These new regulations would make it exponentially more difficult for collectors to contact debtors with delinquent balances. The idea of making it harder for collectors to get ahold of consumers is [...]

Sep 5 2016 09, 2016

Debt Collection in the Philippines

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Dealing with any type of international debt collection is always going to be a tricky matter. No matter what country you are talking about, there are going to be a host of different rules and regulations that you are going to be expected to follow in order to conduct your collection in an appropriate manner. [...]