Oct 24 2017 10, 2017

Collection Rate vs. Contingency Fees: Getting the Most Out of Your Collection Agency

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There are an incredible number of variables to consider during the process of choosing a commercial debt collection agency to handle your company's delinquent accounts. As much as you might value important factors like location and experience, the two biggest keys for any business owner are collection rate and contingency fees. Of course, those two [...]

Oct 18 2017 10, 2017

Debt Collection in Illinois

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The rules and regulations regarding commercial debt collection can vary tremendously depending on your location and the location of the debtor you are attempting to collect from. Those laws can get extremely complicated when you are attempting to collect internationally, but there can also be some complications when attempting to collect a debt in a [...]

Oct 13 2017 10, 2017

Debt Levels Are Rising Across the Country

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Consumers in the United States of America have a problem with immediate gratification. They want what they want, how they want it, when they want it. And they are not going to let something like the ability to pay for those things they want stand in the way of getting them. The debt levels of [...]

Sep 27 2017 09, 2017

7 Good Reasons to Pay Your Debts Now Rather Than Later

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Debt is a concept that just about everyone struggles with throughout the course of their life. When you are old enough to qualify for high-interest rate debt, the allure of a new shiny object is often much stronger than the idea of paying it off with interest. We have all fallen for that trap to [...]

Sep 21 2017 09, 2017

How to Handle Debtors That Leave the Country

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Attempting to collect an outstanding debt from the guy down the street can be a difficult task in many cases. If that person decides to pick up and leave the country, things can get even more complicated. At that point, you are dealing with an agency that is capable of collecting debts at an international [...]

Sep 16 2017 09, 2017

Collecting Debts Behind a Corporate Veil

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Because corporations are seen as separate entities from the people who run them, any debt incurred by a company is the responsibility of that company, and not the individuals in charge of the enterprise. This protection that company shareholders receive from being held personally accountable for the outstanding debts of their businesses is known as [...]

Jul 27 2017 07, 2017

Setting Your Debt Collection Timeline to Maximize Results

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Time is the most critical factor in any debt collection. It is more important than the quality of the customer, the qualifications they may have had when you issued them credit, or any promises they might make about catching up on their payments. Every minute that goes by that you aren't pursuing some type of [...]

May 9 2017 05, 2017

The Risks of Extending Corporate Credit

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One of the biggest points of confusion when extending credit to customers on behalf of their businesses is whether to define your agreement as being with the individual or their company. This might not seem like a big deal in the moment when you are eager to book a big sale, but it can be [...]

May 4 2017 05, 2017

Best Practices for Managing Your Company’s Debt Collection Efforts

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Every business would prefer to receive immediate compensation for services rendered, but that just isn't always possible in today's economy. In many instances, particularly with big ticket items, your customers just don't have the money up front to afford the product or service you might want to sell them. This is the driving force behind [...]

Mar 29 2017 03, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Contingency Rates

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When you decide to hire a commercial debt collection agency, one of the first things you should discuss with them is their fee structure. In many cases, they will be charging you based on their contingency rates, which are also referred to as conditional rates. In order to have a good understanding of just what [...]