What if I can’t find my debtor?

You do your best to provide quality customer service and to produce the best products and services possible. In return, you expect to be paid the agreed upon rate within a reasonable timeframe. When that doesn’t happen, when your company has been taken advantage of, frustration and anger may nudge you to neglect your professional demeanor and seek revenge. Instead, you keep your wits about you and institute the protocol your company has established for debt collection.

All too often, when your company begins its debt collection strategy, debtors vanish like someone on an episode of Without a Trace. Suddenly, their phones are disconnected, mail is returned to sender and their references will not respond to your messages. Your role in accounts receivable shifts from collections to missing persons, neither of which you particularly enjoy and only one of which you are qualified to perform.

Debt collection services

After looking at the debt recovery form on the Direct Recovery website, it is difficult to not grow more frustrated by the empty fields that represent the debtor’s address. The address you have on file has proven ineffective for you. Good news! Even if the last known address of a past due account holder is vacant, our debt collection services will not be abated. This is what we do vocationally, so rest assured we incorporate proven methods of skip tracing. (If you are unfamiliar with that terminology, it means tracking down the debtor who is trying to hide from you.)


The tracing begins with our state of the art databases. If you have ever tried to pre-qualify for a loan online, you may have been shocked at the number of details the online form “knew” about your previous places of residency or your automobiles. Databases similar to these give us an advantage in the search for debtors on the run. With them we are able to search for previous addresses, public records or work history to find the best chance of locating the money you are owed. Those searches, as well as any attempts to contact the debtor on our part, are all included in our service. If, on the rare occasion, we are unable to locate a particular debtor using these methods, there is a fall back plan in place.

Private investigators

When all else fails, we know some private investigators who will track down your debtor and their assets for a reasonable fee. When a debtor is that difficult to find, the fee required to bring in additional assistance pays for itself when the debt is paid. Some money is better than no money, especially in regards to goods or services you have already delivered.

The short answer to the question is: if you don’t know where the debtor is, we can still help collect that which is due to you. Truth be told, what accounts receivable department has the time or the resources to track down missing people AND collect past due funds? Let us do it for you.

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