Debt Collection Success

Debt Collection Success

Not only are low rates important, but an equally important issue is what is your rate of success and your net collection. An extreme scenario to demonstrate this issue is to compare a collection agency that charges 10% contingency fees to a debt recovery service that charges 50% contingency fees.

If the 10% contingency fee collection agency has a much lower collection success rate than the 50% contingency fee collection agency, even though they charge less for the accounts they do collect, your net results will be better if you work with the collection agency charging you 50%.

This is stating the obvious, but it begs an important question, about the simultaneous need for both low contingency rates and high collection results. With this in mind, our main goal is to put as much money back into your hands as possible.

Ideally, you can find and work with a collection agency that offers both low contingency rates and high success rates. In addition, you need to find a debt recovery service that also provides excellent customer service.

Most companies work on an every-increasing thin line of margin. This margin seems to grow thinner by the day. It is especially difficult to accept the idea net collection when, even if the debtor recovery agency collects your money, you stand to lose a significant amount of money. Nevertheless, selecting an agency and comparing rates is not enough to make a determination, you have to seek out quality, even though it costs money.

We’re happy to report that with our collection agency you can enjoy the benefit of both high quality debt recovery services and excellent collection results at the lowest contingency rates available. This important combination will result in the highest net return for you as you work to mitigate your losses and recover important cash flow.

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