New FCC Regulations Outlaw Auto-Dialers

In August of this year, the Federal Communications Commission released new regulations that prevent debt collection agencies from using auto-dialers in order to contact debtors who are behind on their payments. While this initially sent shockwaves through the collection community, we believe that the lasting impact will be far less than many initially feared. You [...]

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From a Collections Perspective: The Difference Between 401(k) and IRA

In situations where collection accounts get to the point of bankruptcy, each of a debtor’s individual assets will have a unique set of rules that defines whether or not they are available to settle past debts. Whether you are on the side of the debtor or the creditor, understanding these subtle differences can give you [...]

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The Effects of DSO and DPO on Your Company’s Cash Flow

  Even more than profitability, cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. Companies with strong cash flow are able to survive temporary periods of low profitability, but even the most profitable companies can’t survive when their cash flow situation turns negative. There are generally two types of cash flow problems: those caused by spending [...]

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Four Ways That Your Business Can Model the World’s Best AR Operations

  Managing accounts receivable is one of the toughest aspects of business. Every business that extends credit to customers is going to run into trouble collecting from some of those customers at times. And sometimes, even businesses that don’t plan on extending credit find themselves in situations where customers end up owing them significant amounts. [...]

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Don’t Sit Still for Bad Debt!

No matter how well you run your business, inevitably you’ll encounter some deadbeat customers who don’t pay their bills. This is most likely to occur when your business sells its products or services to customers on account, as opposed to cash or credit card transactions. Typically, an accounts receivable (A/R) entry that is delinquent for [...]

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6 Warning Signs that a Client Is Becoming a Potential Credit Risk

Commercial credit risk is a fact of life for small businesses, who must contend with sudden changes in a customer’s ability to pay its debts. Initial and follow-up credit screening is the most effective way to reduce the risk of delinquent accounts, but it’s impossible to avoid all such risk. Tune in to Customer Behavior [...]

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The Truth About Wage Garnishment and Credit Collections

Most debtors never think it could happen to them. One minute they are using credit cards for their living expenses, and the next, after ignoring multiple notices from collection agencies, they find a judgment entered against them that takes a bite out of their paycheck every week. Let’s take a closer look at the truth [...]

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What Does the Current State of Student Loan Debt Mean for Collections Agencies?

If you listen carefully to the election debates, you might have noticed an unusual policy discussion starting to take shape: Student loan debt. With estimates most recently reported at $1.3 trillion USD, presidential candidates are beginning to propose solutions to help struggling students take a healthy approach to paying back student loans. In fact, it’s [...]

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4 Solutions to Help Consumers and Businesses Pay Off Their Debts

If you’ve ever held a sales position, you probably know a thing or two about the concept of objections. These are the first excuses that someone will make as to why they cannot buy your product or service. The same will be true when you are asking a consumer or business to pay off a [...]

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