Five Reasons Collection Agency Processing Times Matter

When you put someone else in charge of collecting an outstanding debt on your behalf, you need to be sure that you can trust that person. And trust is a very delicate thing, especially in today's high-speed digital environment. There are many levels of establishing trust, but one of the most important for a commercial [...]

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Debt Collection in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is right in the middle of the road when it comes to the topic of debt collection. Residents here typically fall somewhere around the national averages in terms of outstanding debts, school loans, and mortgages. At the same time, most of the state legislation concerning debt collection serves to reinforce the [...]

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Debt Collection in Michigan

Debt collection rules and regulations can vary dramatically on a state-by-state basis, and operating in the state of Michigan is certainly no different. Because it is a state that has been ravaged by unemployment, Michigan lawmakers have made a significant effort to protect their residents from predatory collection tactics. However, licensed and reputable collection agencies [...]

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Can You Go To Jail for Debt in California?

One of the most common worries among delinquent debtors is whether or not it is possible for them to end up in jail as a result of their outstanding liabilities. Here in California, the short answer is that this is one possible outcome, but upon further review, you will discover that it only happens in [...]

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Debt Collection in Ohio

Despite the fact that residents of Ohio have seen significant economic recovery take place since the financial collapse of 2008, the state still lags slightly behind the national average in a number of key areas with respect to outstanding debts. For this reason, there are some additional regulations that anyone attempting to collect an outstanding [...]

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Understanding How the Rosenthal Act Impacts Collections in California

In recent years, commercial debt collection companies across the country have developed an understanding of what they can and cannot do in their collection practices on account of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). However, the FDCPA only applies to debt collection agencies, so creditors who are attempting to collect outstanding debts for themselves [...]

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How to Raise Your Credit Score 100+ Points in a Hurry

There comes a time in every consumer's life where they realize that they need to improve their credit score in order to qualify for a purchase they want to make. And it is at precisely that point that they realize they need to get that score up in a hurry. If you are one of [...]

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How Bitcoin Can Impact Your Collection Efforts

Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the past six months, you have probably heard a number of people talking about Bitcoin, as well as the thousands of other cryptocurrencies popping up around the world. Many savvy investors will be quick to tell you that all of the rage surrounding these cryptocurrencies is [...]

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How to Handle Bankruptcy Issues with Your Clients

Last November, ACA International published an article stating that bankruptcy rates were on the rise in the month of October after seeing a slight decline in the previous month. Any business that extends credit to its clients should take this rise very seriously and be prepared to deal with the first-hand consequences of those increased [...]

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Everything You NEED to Know About the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Have you ever wondered exactly where the line between legal and illegal is drawn in terms of debt collection? Perhaps you felt that a collector overstepped in contacting you at work. Or maybe you are attempting to collect on your own behalf and aren't exactly sure what the rules are. No matter what side of [...]

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