Direct Recovery Associates is an international collection agency specializing in collecting commercial and consumer debt throughout the U.S. and internationally.

In business today the old boundaries and borders of countries and cultures no longer exist as they used to. Our world economy is so intertwined that it’s rare when a company does not trade internationally. Given that reality, most would think a creditor would have many options to choose from as far as finding international debt collection agencies. Instead, there are few quality global collection agencies available to support a creditor abroad.

Direct Recovery has decades of experience collecting internationally. We have collected in dozens of countries for clients in dozens of other countries. In fact, we are so proficient that, for example, we have clients in Taiwan that use our services to collect from their debtors in Taiwan. While we are based in California (USA), we are equally adept at collecting from a debtor in South Africa for a client in Switzerland as we are collecting from debtors in our own city.

This ability to function as an effective international collection agency comes through years of experience and after establishing critical and strategic relationships with law firms worldwide. Experience, for example, tells us what the legal process is in Japan compared to the legal process in Argentina.

When a creditor has a large claim they need quick action on in Israel, they don’t have time to waste on a novice. They need results and experience on their side and that is why they turn to Direct Recovery as their international collection agency. As far as international debt collection agencies go, and full service domestic agencies in the US as well, Direct Recovery sets the standard in results and service.